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Do You Have to Pay a Fortune for Fashion-Forward Sunglasses?

Big-name makers of sunglasses don't like to admit it, but there is an alternative to clunky, poorly-made grocery store glasses that doesn't involve spending hundreds of dollars. This alternative offers great-looking shades with a variety of modern frames and tint options, but won't destroy your wallet in the process – or make you look like you picked them up from a store kiosk.

This is possible thanks to a new sunglasses company that operates online. J Six Eyewear has a huge selection of the newer square and rectangular shapes, as well as frames in some other types for those who are still fans of the other styles. Each pair arrives with both a hard case and a soft pouch, along with a cleaning cloth so you never have to worry about scratching the lenses.

Prices at this sunglasses company are very reasonable. They're in the $30-$40 range for most of the selections, which is easy to afford, yet allows the company to create more than a handful of styles. It also allows for better quality than you'd find in the grocery store options, which may cost $5 but also look like it. Your friends and acquaintances will never guess that you didn't spend a few hundred dollars on these shades.

The only limitation with these sunglasses is that they aren't available with prescriptions. However, if all you need is protection from the sun, they're perfect options. With their prices, you'll be able to choose multiple pairs for what you'd normally pay for just one. It's a great opportunity for anyone who doesn't need prescription lenses in their sunglasses.

Along with regular sun-protective lenses, J Six Eyewear offers a range of blue light protection shades. Grab a pair or two to go with your sun-protection glasses.

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